The last night!

The last night was celebrated with a BBQ, a Birthday and a Disco!

Students danced their socks off (staff as well!). The tears flowed as people said their goodbyes with lots of promises to return again. Great friendships are made at CAE 🙂


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Final presentation

Yesterday students participated in a final presentation. Victoria’s class presented to the group, while Holly’s class showed us their Film Trailers they have been making. Finally, Alex’s class ran an expo where they presented their ‘Choose your own adventure’ stories.

Every student received a certificate for the course, as well as a funny certificate as well. Special Awards were given for Class Prize, Portfolio Prize,  Best House Girl and Boy (Laura and Daniil), Best All Rounders (Giulia and Matteo), Sports Awards (Agata and Artem) and very importantly the most improved (Jimena) and most English spoken (Nolan!). Congratulations everyone on an amazing two weeks!

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Final days!

As we say goodbye to all our fantastic students today, here is a look back at some of the excellent moments shared in the last few days of the course!

Jude’s weekly cooking elective was a delicious success!



Food Chain Game – a game of skill, speed and a great ability to hide!

IMG_20190805_203147IMG_20190805_203200_1IMG_20190805_203242 (1)IMG_20190805_203259IMG_20190805_203201

Pool Party!

The sun came out and we took full advantage with an afternoon pool party!

British Sports!

Yesterday during British Sports elective, the students had the chance to try Netball, a sport invented in England and a bit similar to Basketball.

Lots of fun, euphoria and running around – the students didn’t want to stop playing!



London – The final days Part 3

We then walked through Westminster, passed Westminster Abbey and through St James Park before reaching Buckingham Palace. The Queen was at home and students also saw the Royal Guards.

20190807_151424 (2)20190807_151436 (2)

Classic British Phone-box imageIMG_20190807_144825 (2)

The walk through St James Park20190807_145715 (2)20190807_145657 (2)20190807_145644 (3)

London Streets20190807_145220(2)20190807_145059 (2)20190807_144330 (2)

Sun beginning to shine!20190807_122625

Buckingham Palace in the distance!img_20190807_152103-2.jpg

After this big walk through the Royal areas of London, students visited Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery. Finally, it was onto Covent Garden for shopping and Pizza Hut for dinner!


London – The final days – Part 2

For our second activity of our London trip students went on a City Cruise along the River Thames from the Tower of London to Westminster. Despite some threatening clouds, the weather stayed good and students were able to see a range of sites including the Shard, St Pauls Cathedral, the London Eye, Cleopatra’s Needle and the Houses of Parliament.

IMG_150320190807_142056 (2)20190807_142045 (2)20190807_140928 (2)20190807_140447 (2)20190807_140445 (2)20190807_14041620190807_14040320190807_140254 (2)

London – The final days of OBH2 – Part 1

Yesterday students went to London for our final excursion. The day started off at the Tower of London and then climbed up the Tower of London.

20190807_122625 (2)20190807_122638 (2)

Students were able to walk up and across the two walkways and were able to get some amazing photos on the glass bottom floor!


Part 2 and 3 of our adventures in London will be coming later today!


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