Blog post by students – Wednesday

Today I played football, it was really fun. my team lost, but I liked it really much.

Colum and Seb played with us, they are really good at football and very good as members of the staff!

Matteo D, 14, Italy.




I’m, in England at CAE in Cambridge right now. I’ts really cool!!! Every day, we have different activitys like golf or tennis which are really nice!! Every day we got three hours of English lessons. Today, I played 6 Golf courses and I designd my own T-Shirt.

Clemens, 13, Germany.



Today I played handball, it was really good fun and the team which i was in always win. We played with Ed (the boys house parent). I really enjoyed the today`s activities.

Marton B, 13, Hungary.



Today i had a really good game of golf, its really warm here in England, so it was nice being outside for a while. I also went for a nice walk in the nature, and i saw some donkeys. So i consider this day successful!

Ulf, 14, Sweden



I like the activities and teachers. I make new friends in other countries.

Dasha, 12, Ukraine.



I like the people here, I like the garden here and I like the teachers here.

Kate, 13, Russia.


In this school I really like the giant garden, and the swimming pool, but I love play British sports with my friends on the afternoon.

Jacopo, 13, Italy.


In OBH I like the sports, I also like that I learn English and I make new friends.

Diego, 12, Spain.


I like this place because I can meet new people from other countries.

Jaime, 15, Spain.


I like all the games that it has, the garden is very beautiful and big. The bed is very comfortable. We do different sports.

Alejandro, 14, Spain.


In OBH I am meeting new friends from Bulgaria, Italy, Spain and others.

Liana, 14, Russia.


I like the people who is here. I love the variety of daily sports. I like the excursions.

Rafa, 13, Spain.


Here I met a lot of friends and I can practice my English.

Lilia, 13, Russia.

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